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Why DocuSpot?

DocuSpot allows business users to store all types of media on line (word and power point documents; photos; spreadsheets) and to access and manage that information from anywhere.
Create an online workspace where groups can share project files securely in a user based security model; complete with version history.

Advantages of DocuSpot’s Hosted Document Management Service

Affordable Monthly Fees
By using DocuSpot, workgroups can eliminate the capital spending approval process. Monthly fees are predictable; and as part of DataWeb’s Utility Computing Initiative; you pay for the service as you use it.
DocuSpot does not require any upfront “set-up” fee. There are no extras. Workgroups can set up an account and have the DocuSpot Document Management Portal fully deployed in minutes. Prices start at less than $1 a day per user and include at least 5 MB’s of storage per user.

Immediate Deployment
DocuSpot is very intuitive and does not require any formal training. Fully serviced Document Management solutions can be deployed immediately and can easily scale as the number of users expand over time.

Fully warranted security, performance and backup
All documents are stored in a highly secure; professionally managed data center. Team professionals make certain that multiple copies of your data are saved on different types of media on a routine basis.

Access Documents from any web based computer
Each document is stored in user defined folders and is accessible to anyone who is authorized by the workgroup administrator. Offsite personnel and other associates now have access to documents as they need them.

DocuSpot Industry Alliances Atlas Hosting Services
Atlas is DocuSpot's Internet Hosting Partner. The company maintains the first class, commercial grade facilities required by our customers. Atlas joins DataWeb, Inc. in providing the most comprehensive security systems available for protecting all applications and data.